Pioneering the Future of Beauty Care
with our Concept of
“Reassurance, Safety and Health”

Products developed by Hair Hospital are marketed and supplied through Gleama Co., Ltd, a sister company dedicated to operate and manage the marketing & sales, product quality control and designing & packaging of our Danae brand product lines.

Danae Premium Line

Danae Premium Line

“Danae Premium Line”, a high-end class shampoo & treatments, that has become the core element of a salon’s image-building strategy.

Danae Pro

“Danae Pro” that has fulfilled Hair Hospital’s high standards of safety

Our Secret Weapon

Our Secret Weapon, “Hair-Respirator”
-Hair’s Respiratory Organ-
“Bringing Reassurance and Safety to Our Customers”

Chemicals used in colorings and perms can easily remain inside your hair, leaving your hair vulnerable. These chemical residues are persistent and cannot be rinsed off just by shampooing. Our “Hair Respirator”, a product developed after dedicating more than 18months of intense R&D, once applied, acts like a “respiratory organ” for hair and enhances hair health. This secret formula with various treatment agents enables appropriate hair treatment and allows your hair to “breathe” again.

– Base treatment for hair-colorings/bleach or gray hair cover-up dye

Coloring/bleaching process is fastened and as it roots the color it swiftly neutralizes and removes all chemicals. While prolonging the life of the color, it balances the hair from the inside and minimizes hair-damage.

– Base treatment for hair perms

Waves are permed faster and as it forms the shape, chemicals are neutralized and removed instantly. Curls and waves last longer, hair’s internal balance is stabilized and minimizes damage to your hair.

– General Hair Treatment

By spraying desirable acid on hair, it brings the hair’s pH level closer to its isoelectric point (pH level at which the net charge of the hair surface is neutral and closest to its healthy state). By applying chitosan (an ingredient used in artificial skin), cuticles are coated evenly, making the hair damage-resistant and brings back the hair’s natural luster. In addition, by applying haematin in between the treatment application, the agent acts as a bridge in binding protein and hair together, maximizing the effect and potential of each treatment.

– Scalp Care

By oxidizing hair roots formed in a clean and fair shape, it helps newly grown hair to grow healthily with a fine balance.